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3:47 a.m. - 2008-07-24

Chilled wren? I dont think we're on the same page here.

My mom has actually said that. Several times. That, because I dont want children Im being punished by not being "blessed" with marriage. Now, wether I want to get married or not is not relevant to that argument, but its assumptive, assuming that my only goal and ambition in life, that will ever make me happy, whole and complete is to get institutionalized. UM, IN THE INSTITUTION OF MARRIAGE THAT IS. So ya, that statement assumes on me, and is also says I have such thoughts so grievously sinful and contrary to the original purpose of marriage (to spawn children) that God might withhold something good from me. God must think Im a psychopath and that I would drown my firstborn and any subsequent firstborns there after the first firstborn. Or perhaps it is not God at all who thinks that but rather mummy dearest...

Now, we see why this is insulting to me?

I didnt know having children was a command. I kinda thought we had free will. Could just be me though.

Look at the size of a Lewis Moon Snail. I WANT ONE!! Or a banana slug.*SQUEE*

Oooh. Thats a mushroom. But dont eat it.

If youre on LJ, join the community WTF_Nature, it is amazing. Thats where I found all those posts yesterday and today...

246 to go...

For all you admirerorsers

Minas D_D


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