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1:20 a.m. - 2008-05-10

She already does, duh!

Colin is a idiot. Honestly? It might sound like a song from the 60s but seriously, "Money cant buy me love". I just dont care about material possessions that much. My computer, my ipod, thats about all I really need as far as material things go. As for the home I live in, that doesnt matter either as long as its a relatively safe neighborhood and a clean building(not infested with roaches or leaky). The idea that someone could earn more love from me by showering me with anything is just preposterous. Its nice to know that someone is thinking of you, of course, but it never could cause me to love them more. I dont see how. I think in this case it would more be the unselfishness of the act that would touch me. Am I making any sense?

Although RyanDan tix wouldnt hurt. Of course, I bought them myself. ;)

Ive moved my blog over to blogspot, so this one will be a bit shorter. The link is under flickr photos. You can comment if you want. Ill still post some stuff here, but just not HUGE amounts. Like maybe Ill focus more on videos, funny pics, news links and other things of general interest. mind is dead.


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