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2:31 a.m. - 2008-11-23

Actually, try sold out

Notice how Mina always wears that dark lipstick? I NEVER WEAR lipstick. Ever. Just gloss ocassionally.

Im very protective when it comes to people making fun of Blunty. I love him epically, but for the music, hes entertaining. I mean, I make fun of him, and he even makes fun of himself, but dont insult me or him, though its perfectly ok if you dont like him. I mean, recently there was a meteor spotted over Edmonton and I said it was because he was in town there and the mother ship was coming for him. (And the green lasers that surround him during one song look like the mother ships tractor beam). One parody said he sounds like an alien. You know I can laugh at that but I can only take so much. Its like he is my favorite artist of all time. Ok? For once, it has nothing to do with "OMG HE IS SO HOT" because its just not like that.

Here is his latest song. Great song, bizarre video, like all his others. He gets his ideas from the mothership!

Dont listen if you dont like. :

Speaking of hot....I have finally confirmed a eye color for Hugh Jackman. Theyre green with brown around the pupil. Usually they appear so dark in photos and movies I just assume theyre brown. Seems that most of the actors I find attractive are either green or blue eyed, not brown, even though I prefer brown. Huh.

Im really tired...but...

147 to go...



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