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12:29 a.m. - 2008-07-15

Composure FAIL

A big thank you to photographer Jeffrey Gilana for the use of his photo.Without it, it would not have been possible.

When Liz and I were in line, I joked that it would be hilarious, if they asked my name if I said "RYANDAN" in a enthusiastic voice. We laughed so hard at the concept. In fact, she DARED me to do it. But then, they didnt ask my name so I didnt get to. So I did this instead! ^^

Lita and I think it is absolute poetic justice that Indy's new husband LOVES Dixie Chicks *vomit* and country...because for YEARS she always said how much she hated it!! Hahaha

My brother is a make up artist for Mac cosmetics. Hes also done movie special effects makeup, body painting, and hes even sold paintings. Its pretty cool. He is a great painter. I SUCK at it but then, Ive never really applied myself to learn beyond the few rock paintings I did, which were I guess, for what they were, were good. I did manage to sell quite a few. Painting wasnt my favorite art to do, I prefer drawing animals and portraits. My brother moved to Toronto because its hard to get attention as an makeup artist in Vancouver as apposed to Toronto, in the film industry. Ive seen his work on his website, it really is amazing. Its funny, when I look in the mirror I see similarities to him, and we even have the same artistic talent. But its been so long I feel like I dont even know him anymore.


Um after listening to the Corteo CD Ive come to the conclusion that I like Corteo's music better than Alegria. Well, Alegria is beautiful but the woman who sings most of the songs has a very raspy voice, and I can only listen to it so much. Its really beautiful though.

255 to go...

FOr Nikheil. XD

Mina's D_D ...haahaha


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