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12:01a.m. - 2008-07-11

I was saying Boo-urns.

I JOKED about saying "Get off the stage" to my mom. She accused me of idolatry. Apparently, she didnt get it, that I was JUST KIDDING. Which I had to explain. Im obsessed but not THAT obsessed. C'mon! Actually pretty much everytime I tried to make an obsession based joke about seeing Ryan and Dan I got accused of it. Ridiculous.

I visited my Aunty V today, again. We watched PS I Love You on her DVD player in her room, since we spent over an hour trying to get the one in her living room to work. What a fiasco. D:

People on Telus who DONT have text messaging plans are choked that suddenly, they will be charged 15 cents to recieve incoming texts. UM. WHAT??? As far as I can tell, IVE ALWAYS PAID 15 cents to RECIEVE texts (I DIDNT ASK FOR) on my cell. I dont have a plan. I DESPISE TEXT MESSAGING WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING. Its sad to think that "relationships" are built on texting and arguments are fought over texts on cell phones. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE DAYS PEOPLE ACTUALLY USED THE PHONE TO TALK????????????? I HATE IT. Please. If youve got plans and you want to include me, CALL ME AT HOME instead of wasting my precious money. Its not like Im making it and do you know everytime I get ONCE CENT charge on my phone I hear about it?? Dont need that particularily. What I found out today was that NOW you can actually set it up online to make it so that your cell phone WONT accept text messages. I AM THRILLED. I will be doing that. Call me.


260 to go...

GO AHEAD GWYN, pick something! XD

Alright I am now in charge of DD MWAHAHAHAHA Just b/c it's Stampede I dedicated this week to hot cowboys. You can't have hot cowboys without on hot indian eh Mina??

Gwyn's D-D!


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