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8:59 p.m. - 2008-12-29

Colin loves being creepy

Sorry the comic is so delayed Ive been playing Kirby on DS all hooked. Can you recommend any good DS games besides Mario games (which I have a lot of) and racing games?

My computer is ok!!
First of all, it would crash everytime I started it in normal windows mode. Second, system restore would NOT work. I could select the date, and hit next, but then the following next button would do nothing!

In safemode, when ever I would highlight a word, right click to search on google, it would search through, even though my home page is, which is kinda weird to me, and then the page results got MORE bizarre. Id get normal search results but when I clicked on a link they'd ALWAYS open in a new tab, which is not part of my normal settings. Third, sometimes, instead of getting the actual link I clicked, Id be re-directed to, or other random sites that didnt even WORK, so I googled, to find SOMETHING ANYTHING, and I found forum results which I had to copypasta into the browser (do avoid being redirected), I found a site where someone had posted a problem and the techie recommended malwarebytes, which I downloaded and installed successfully in SAFEMODE! Yet when I scanned for stuff with other programs it was "clean"

I scanned, it found 20 items, deleted most of them, and removed the rest on reboot. Hasnt crashed since. OH AND YOU'LL LOVE THIS; SYSTEM RESTORE WILL WORK NOW; where as it would not in either safe or regular mode prior to using this program.

Malwarebytes is a FREE program, why not try it for yourself. You can update it yourself, or you can pay 24$ one time fee to get automatic updates.


Im so pleased!

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