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1:52 a.m. - 2010-03-09

I just lost my appetite...

I stand corrected. I thought hush puppies were made from deep fried mash potatoes. No, they are made from ground corn? Eeeew, that sounds even less appetizing. [yet I LOVE corn bread but its not deep fried] Well, my waitress at the Cracker Barrel restaurant told me that it was deep fried mashed potatoes, unless she was WRONG, OR unless that particular restaurant made them from potatoes. I dont know. Ive looked online and any article about hush puppies says they are indeed made from corn. (Doesnt make them any less revolting, lol)..I just remember biting into one to try it and the grease ooozed out. I gagged. I dont mind some deep fried foods, but jeeeeeez, thats a bit much for me. :( Oh well. Actually, to be honest, we had some bad food in Canada too. It depends where you eat. We ate at this restaurant in the first hotel we stayed at and it was AWFUL. It had 3 items to choose from, BBQ chicken, club sandwich, and fish n chips. I got the fish n chips and it was RAW in the middle. [And made me sick] Our friend Chelsea got the club, which was good, but then when anyone else wanted the club, they were out! Apparently that was the ONLY club! LOL.

We went to a gross restaurant in Niagara falls, too, called Betty's. Sad to say, Canadian. The food tasted like it had been kept under a heat lamp all day. They had 3 entrees to choose from, one was fish and chips, one was roast chicken, but I cant remember what the third was. I got the roast chicken and it was ok, but like I said, tasted like it had been under a heat lamp and the gravy, beef gravy, all over my plate, made me unable to eat the mash potatoes. As it was, I probably did digest a bit of it and ended up nauseated. OH and the desserts sucked!

The best restaurants we went to were Kelseys, Milestones and Serendipity's. Serendipity's was the only American one, although Kelseys & Milestones COULD be American franchises, I dont know. But the food was really good. I mean, I complain about how bad the food was, but it was truck stops and diners, what do you expect? At least it was cheap and Danny cared for our physical needs. <3 Anyway, I come from a country that thinks it tastes good to put BEEF gravy and CURDS on top of french fries, so what can I say? OH VOMIT.

I shall tell you about the worst place we ate tomorrow! LOL...I wonder if S will agree with me.

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I think my cat is feelibg better after taking an enormous turd on my bed. I think it was a hairball + new moist food only diet that upset her tummy. She usually has good digestion. I love you cat.

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