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3:45 a.m. - 2008-04-01

Im so glad I started off with five fingered characters.

Ok, four fingers and a thumb. SHUT UP!

All the protests, boo-hooing and boycotting in the world wont get me to change back. By the way, this isnt the same new nose that I tested earlier and had a vote for. This one is much simpler.

The relative that contacted me through was contacting me for her aunt, her aunts name is Jacque Buck(Buck being her maiden name) and she is my grandma's cousin! But like I said, NOBODY has ANY info on Samuel Buck sr, so this is why I have contacted that TV show.

My test with Telus went well today....was pretty easy. If did well, and they want to interview me, they will contact me in a week to 2 weeks.

Even if this WASNT him, this is one of the better fanvids Ive seen. The pictures are in sync with the rhythm!

Yea some of my friends think hes ugly but I dont care...034


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