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2:29 p.m. - 2009-06-29


I feel sorry for the 8 kids about to see their parents get divorced but thats about the end of it right there. Tell me something relevant. Getting upset or sad over a celebrity death = normal. Freaking out about a TV reality show couple divorcing = WHAT

*sits back and awaits a poo-poo storm*

But hey if thats what floats yer boat...ILL MAKE FUN OF IT!

*sits back and awaits a poo-poo storm*

I feel kinda bad for Michael Jackson. He wasnt really...normal, was he. He always seemed so frail. THATS WHY IM NOT SHOCKED!

BILLY MAYS!!! The world will be a quieter place....may those buried around him rest in peace.

Sorry. I didnt like him AT ALL. Not that Im happy about it, its ALWAYS sad when someone dies. :( You cant help but feel for those left behind. <3


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