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1:35 a.m. - 2008-05-20

If you laughed at this, you are going to hell

At least I wont be alone!!

Actually I dont believe in hell. Wouldnt want to be accused of perpetuation THAT myth too.

Why are my eyes soppy from crying? Oh right, I remember. The season finale of House was sooooo much sad. I cant reveal anything, dont want to spoil anything, but it was sad. I cried so much! I also got a little misty eyed from Bones, but not sobby. I am still so sad about what happened!! BOOO.

Oh yea. I have a sore bicep, rotater cuff and shoulder blade...and I was wondering...why? Well, its that damned Wii! I was over at Matt and Anna's on Sunday (big house warmingish party, hehe) and there was a Wii present and I was playing Wii sports...I love those games. Tennis, is my favorite. ^_^ You know Ive never played tennis in real life? O_o Now I'd love to actually try it. Bet its fun. ;)

He seems quite popular so I picked him. Donte even know what show or movie he is from actually. At least his initials arent "Z.E" and hes not metrosexual. I cant stand metrosexual men!

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