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1:39 a.m. - 2010-05-04

Good news!

The test doctor H is talking about involves sticking a NEEDLE into the BELLY and poking it into the WOMB and taking out a tiny bit of fluid. UGH. Typically its for screening against birth defects, not mutant genes. LAWL

The actual Dr. H character is not a family doctor or a pediatrician (AS IF). He is a diagnostician. (hmm, did I spell that right?? that'd be an miracle) He does do clinic hours however, so he does treat a wide variety of patients who come to him with non-emergency problems. This can include children. I dunno. When I first did the Doctor H think it was as a tributary joke to my favorite TV doc, and I ended up just running with it.

Yes. Colin has miraculous regenerative powers...and his hair grows back incredibly fast. LOL. Um. Yeah actually, see, remember before my long hiatus, his body had begun to 'assimilate' the prosthetic leg Quezor made? In fact, what was happening was the leg was trying to grow back (rather slowly for his taste) but the darn prosthetic was in the way. Eventually he took the hint and had a new prosthetic made that would be adjustable. Crazy, right? Ahahah.

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