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3:46 a.m. - 2008-08-10

For reals this time!

It occurred to me, that when Colins head switches from looking from left to right, his hair flow changes direction. Unless they have huge wind gusts in their house, this is what the movie critics like to call a "continuity error". I decided to fix this from now on, if I can remember.

Here is an example of what Colins hair style is supposed to be, except just a bit shorter (and less messy) in the front. I think this is known as a Cesar cut, but Cesar cuts are typically a bit shorter.

It looks really stupid when a guy combs his hair up (literally spikes it) in the front. I used to like that style, back in the 90s when Paul Gross daringly pioneered it. Its gone out of style for me now. Its overdone. Like a lot of hairstyles. If up combing of 'bangs' is not done right it just looks ridiculous. I like hair styles in men and women to be natural looking, though I do appreciate a cute, properly done faux hawk. (RyanDan prove their nerdieness by doing theirs wrong. I wish I could be their stylist. *sigh*) SHOOT. I should be a mens hair stylist. (not interested in touching womens hair!) I guess its mostly about personal taste. I prefer conservative hairstyles.

3 things my husband will NEVER leave home with; 1) bad hair (I try not to) 2) a white suit 3) Socks with sandals. Oh and crocs. >> << ^^;


Grey posted this on my profile and I loled:


I dunno WHAT its from but it sounds like its from a comedy skit show? (Audience laughing)

233 to go...

A GOOD faux hawk (not that I like this guy)

Minas D_D


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