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3:35 a.m. - 2008-12-25

He obviously hates it!

Creepy bear is back! *cough* >>;

SOOOOO heres the deal. My computer crashes everytime I turn it on and the only way I can run anything is in safemode. Fortunately, and strangely, I can run adobe photoshop and illustrator in safemode, and MSN, and firefox, but its a hassle, since there are certain limitations to it in safemode. Tomorrow I shall do trouble shooting as recommened but if I cant fix it, Ill have to get a friend to come here and fix it. When the weather clears! Our roads are so full of snow you cant get around on any roads but the main roads. So yeah...who knows when this'll get fixed. D:

Theres no sound, no Flash, cant watch youtube, cant play games, watch videos, and certain functions like copypasta and right click menus either dont work at all are severely slowed. (within photoshop/illustrator) However certain functions are a lot FASTER without all that background crap running!!


Lets just say, if I needed a new computer or really expensive components, DIMPLES WILL SUFFER AND DIE because I am NOT touching my sacred travel fund for the sake of this stupid comic!!!!!!!!!! Ive done it for 5 years, its robbed enough of my time!!!!


123 to go...



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I shall remain your obedient servant,


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