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2:18 a.m. - 2008-11-26


So....the concert was sold out or close to it, so that means that a greater portion of GM place was filled to maximum capacity, (since they block of seating to the immediate left, right and behind the stage) filled with crowds. People who had alcohol too. Although, not everyone had drinks, those who did, only had one, and if people went back for more it was for seconds, not beyond that. I dont think people go to concerts to get drunk, those who do are rare and probably have a problem with alcohol to begin with. I didnt drink anything, I wasnt about to pay 5$ for a tiny beer. I dont know what the price was, that was a guess! I felt totally safe, security was EVERYWHERE. The age demographic was anywhere from people in their 40s to teenagers and even some pre-teens. Heck, I think I even saw a toddler >> lol. The crowd cleared really quickly after it was over, I followed it outside and to the sky train station. Again, pretty safe, there was a police presense, and I always think, 'saftey in numbers', unless of course you throw a terrorist into the crowd. >>; Lets not go there.

The day of the concert, I honest to God didnt want to go. See, I had been out with friends on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and by the time Monday came, I was so dead tired, I just wanted to stay home and do nothing. But I went. And it was the best day of the year. ;D

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