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3:08 a.m. - 2010-02-23

Hugh Jackman is boring compared to steam!

Hugh Jackman lives in Manhattan with his wife. And kids.

We were such dorks. We really did get excited when we spotted the steam and we took pictures. THESE photos in the comic are my own!

I have a amazing sense of direction where ever I am, I seem to know how to find the way back. This Friday in downtown Vancouver I always knew the way to specific areas without much thought...and in New York...we had just been dropped off at Tiffany's (having crossed over in a taxi from Brooklyn) and needed to get back to Times Square. I instinctively knew that we had to go west by 2 blocks and then south. S seemed to think otherwise but no matter how many times we spun around in different directions I knew exactly where I was standing. I did ask some New Yorkers on the street to make sure the avenue we wanted to go to was indeed west, and I was right.

However. Once we got to Times Square, we had to find our tour bus. It was dark by then, and Times Square looks very different at night, and with the ads always changing on the TVs it gets a little confusing. Ad this to the equation. You know that tall tower you see in the center of Times square in photos? What some people dont realise is there is actually two towers that look to the untrained eye (and NON-native Newyorker) to be nearly identical, looking either south OR north. So suddenly, you dont know if youre facing North or South. So we ended up getting a little lost in Times Square for about 10 minutes or less. To make matters worse, we couldnt get through to our tour guides cell phone. But S being taller then me, miraculously spotted it while we stood there a little concerned that we might have been left behind.

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