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2:47 a.m. - 2009-01-27

Polar bears on a tropical island. Need I say more?

Lita gave me permission to make fun of her Lost obsession. THANK YOU!

Apparently he's been downloading episodes behind my back. *cross*

Ok this is single handedly the best commercial Ive ever seen, ever. My dad showed it to mee and he got creeped out by the ending (lolwut?) but I laughed so hard. BRILLYENT

Lenka <3 Shes cute, shes got a sweet voice, her music is bright and cheery, similar sound to Fiest, but without being ANNOYING... Sounds GOOD live (unlike Katy Pukey) and shes totally UNAMERICAN! HA! Yah, you heard me. When ever this song comes on at work I sing along. :) Oh and best thing is, theres no bad language or suggestive lyrics with Lenka. None. Shes as squeaky clean as Yael Naim. And no "if you seek amy" bull crap.

Heres my other fave Lenka song:

Last one:

See, I like "pop" music, but Im fussy. I dont like Britney, I dont like Jessica or her sister Trashley Asslee, I HATE Taylor Swifts bland brand of new country (Tear drops on my guitar, oh give me a break!), I cant stand Miley either (7 things I hate about you, #1, youre so immature you wrote a song about how much you hate your ex).


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