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2:04 a.m. - 2008-07-19

Im perfectly all right.

When I was a kid, maybe 8, 10, in between those years, I used to routinely scream into pillows. Usually because my brother was teasing me and I was raging, or because I had to do something I didnt want to do. I had a hot temper when I was a kid. Not now, I guess I grew up! (Whats other peoples excuse to behave like 8 year olds?)

About frame 1:

FOR THE RECORD: Its kind of an ongoing, unending joke between me and my friends that I dont like being touched by MEN or anyone for that matter. Its true, Im not a really huggy person. Im not overly touchy feely with ANYONE. I dont put my hand on someones anything when Im talking to them. But when it comes to men touching me; AS LONG AS ITS THE RIGHT MEN, NO REQUEST REQUIRED!!!!!!!!! So in reality, only the WRONG men may NOT touch me. Gerry may. Ryan may. Dan may. Theres a few others. But the wrong men, get your damn hands off me! Im sorry- is that so strange??? D:

ACTUALLY most of you whove ever watched the Simpsons should know that "Thats my special area" is a quote from Ralphie Wiggum! Unfortunately, because I have a tenancy to take on quotes OR punch lines (Thats OBSCENE!) and become well known for them, I am now, once again, the laughing stock around here for being the girl that doesnt like to be TOUCHED BY MEN. EVEN THE HOT ONES. Yea. It was SOOOOOOOOO traumatic when Ryan and Dan had their ARMS around me and I had mine around them. YEA. WHATEVER!!!!!!!!

C'MON! LIES LIES LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you see Im becoming incensed again! RAAAAGE.

My cell phone is dead and has mysteriously vanished. As have my sunglasses. I have a feeling, that where the sunglasses are, the cell phone is also. But its dead so even if I ring it, I cant hear it. So I just have to LOOK to find it. Blarg! Anyway Im busy here tomorrow and cant go anywhere, we have a neighborhood garage sale and I need to have a look at what I want to sell because I have lots of stuff I dont use anymore. Grey, give me your stuff, Ill sell it for you. ;D

I just used my neti pot. I havent in a long time actually. I think I really, really need to use it daily, if not twice a day to maintain my ear, nose and throat health. It is pretty refreshing. Having chronic sinus problems is NOT something Id wish on anyone. Now Ive been experiencing pain in my left arch so Im using a soft laser on it. A soft laser is extremely effective in healing process. I really REALLY dont want to go to the doctor for this one. I might need new insoles though.

251 to go...

Gwyn? Anything?


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