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12:00 a.m. - 2008-07-22

Mina is a sadist so that should come as no surprise


How the hell can a company call itself a "equal opportunity" employer when they demand a minimum 6 months experience that particular field. I mean WHAT. THE. HELL. How can ANYONE starting out get ANY work in ANY field??! YES. I KNOW what equal opportunity means and I think its crap.

The Vancouver police are bigger pigs than I thought. First of all, they tazered Robert Dziekański before even ATTEMPTING to try and find out what language he spoke, or find a translator- IN A INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT!!!!!!!! [and there was one, and when that translator said he was not contacted he was FIRED] Then, when they tazed him and he fell down dying - probably not beyond saving, they PINNED HIM DOWN with their KNEES and didnt even bother to use a defibrillator which was 20 yards away. 20 YARDS!!!! UNACCEPTABLE!!! THEN, 3 months ago, the pigs went to Poland and interviewed some friends and relatives of Robert to DIG UP DIRT on the poor dead man, to find out his MEDICAL history, any history of drug or alcohol abuse or violence. Its SICKENING! Even if he had some history of violence, drug or alcohol abuse or mental illness, does that justify a public execution? If they had just even for a SECOND bothered to try to revive him, and he still died, people would probably feel a little less RAAAAAGE over this. Are the Vancouver police RCMP not trained to administer life saving help? If they arent, THAT IS THE MOST PATHETIC THING IVE EVER HEARD. To serve, but NOT protect.

Shame on them. Pigs.

This is epic for lovers of Super Mario.

248 to go...


Minas D_D


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