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12:35 a.m. - 2008-08-31

It really WAS the cat!

I hope that these adventures will make up for the fact that Liam exists and is now ruining your favorite web comic. Srsly, how are you feeling about him? I cant recieve messages anymore at my gmail account, the spam filter is so strict (oops) that I have to fix it first, so just leave a comment.

Quoted from a radio broadcasters blog: "My biggest pet peeve is people who don't know the difference between YOU'RE and YOUR."

Um. ASSUMPTION! I think that MOST people KNOW the difference. I think what happens is that sometimes people just DONT THINK before they click send/post. They forget. Spelling errors and grammar should not be used as a measure of intelligence because I feel, that the average(notice I said AVERAGE?) grammar nazi (self proclaimed grammar/spelling geniuses) would fail MISERABLY on a english/grammar test at a university level. I know what I speak of- my dad had to take such a test just to try to get an interview with TRANSPORT CANADA.

I laughed SO HARD:
fail owned pwned pictures
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