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3:27 a.m. - 2010-06-08

The best way of life

OK lets see. I went to Victoria probably once when I was a kid. Im pretty sure it was just the one time. We went to Buchard gardens. (Boring. I like looking at flowering gardens but not when an entire day is devoted) I went with my dad to Victoria once, we went whale watching. Then a group of friends and myself went to Ladysmith for the weekend to see a friend. Then my dad and I spent a long weekend on Thetis Island (you have to go through the main island and take a smaller ferry to get to Thetis). We stayed in a house my grandma and great-aunt were house sitting at. It was really neat. Then I guess, the last time I went to the Island was with Lee and Mikkel, we were there for a day. THE LAST LAST time I was there of course was just this last May long weekend.

So as you can see, I havent really visited the island that much at all. I think that some of us living on the mainland are like that. Then I have friends who go there every summer.

Yeah I never did any of that stuff when I was a kid. I went camping ONCE. ONCE. When I was a kid. I think the fact that Ive NEVER done any of that stuff is the reason I say 'no thanks' to trying stuff like boating (Canoe?? I dont think so. And I mean the boat, not the actor. You couldnt PAY ME ENOUGH to get in a canoe). You couldnt pay me enough to strap on skiis and go blazing down a ski slope. Yeah. No. Especially when I hear about people dying doing it. Its thanks I choose life. Yet I feel kinda wimpy because I never HAVE tried these things, like Im missing out on something. I dont resent my parents or my childhood at ALL just because I never did those things...but I do kinda sometimes look back and wish we had. At the same time it wasnt necessarily my parents fault, as for many years my dad would get blinding headaches EVERY WEEKEND. Anyway no matter. Someday Ill have all the time in the world to do that stuff. Riiiight. Some of it. ;D

To me my ideal vacation is not sitting on a beach tanning, swimming or going to a resort and drinking pina coladas. Its Exploring. Its visiting historic sights. Its people watching. Its photographing. Its experiencing a new culture, its sights, sounds and tastes. Really immersing yourself in it. Id pick going to Europe for vacation any day over say...Mexico or Hawaii. (Been there done that.)

So sorry about the wee break I had there. I just ...after that young man I knew died I just ended up ...pretty depressed and didnt feel like doing the comic. I didnt know him well at all but that hardly matters. Im doing better now. The best way to remember those who have passed is to live the best way of life possible, the way they would want us to live.

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