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4:35 p.m. - 2008-04-07

Dont fear the future

...Sorry nothing funny today.

By the way, by the "abusive" people I was talking about, I was talking about the people who scream and swear at people in the service/public relations/ect industry. I mean, they often dont much like their jobs to begin with, and then they have to deal with idiots like that. Honestly? Shut the hell up!! To anyone who might say "Suck it up" I say "Grow up". The last time I threw a fit at someone I was 8. Maybe I am asking too much for people to be respectful of each other. I guess Im naive, the world doesnt operate that way. When one is entitled to something, one is entitled to scream and swear at the person to get their way, even though the person probably had nothing to do with ones frustration.

Well I didnt get hired at Telus. And with a reference!! EPIC FAIL! I kinda figured I wouldnt since I had difficulty answering some of the questions...I got nervous as hell. Ah, thats ok, Ive kind of gotten used to my life being one epic failure after another.

Oh I LOLed good and long at this.
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This is FASCINATING. I wonder if this "medical technology" could be used to regrow parts that people have had hacked off of them without their consent. *cough* That'd be amazing. What a breakthrough!!

I dig men with lazy eyelids....well. This guy is yumm, in spite of that. From England. Why are men from that part of the world so ridiculously gorgeous and where can I get me one!!

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