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12:38 a.m. - 2010-04-05

Anniversary episode 2

I would love that kind of ring if it were appropriate for me. Which it isnt. I will settle for my claddagh ring. :P

You figured it out right? FOUR birthstones? A dress he never thought he'd see her wear again? A mysterious appointment with a doctor? Time off work? Yes right. Hopefully you noticed the obvious baby bump too. Oh dear. What have you done? XD

Um. You might wonder why on earth I would have my character have another child when I am so dead against having them myself. Have I changed my mind? OH LAWD NO. OH HELLL TO THE NO. This is not a world I want to bring children into. Babies are gross. Children are disease factories. Teenagers are irritating. HELL NO! Now...lets say I live to be a 1000 years old, then I might not have a choice in the matter...but for now, I am all to happy to be a CAT MOTHER.

So dont ask where this decision came from! might recall an episode where I showed an version of Mina and Colin as old people sitting on their porch. Colin said "We had 2 kids. 1 was our own, 1 adopted" ...Now consider the fact that the future is in fact not already written. So perhaps it was always going to be that they would ultimately have 2 kids, but the how of it was not certain. you know. :p Like it or leave it.

Actually now that I have Liam in the comic...I adore him. I think hes cute and provides comic relief.

#2 is due in July


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