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2:28 a.m. - 2008-07-14

Queued to meet Ryan and Dan

Again, I didnt want to bother drawing fans behind/in front of Mina & Liz, so I didnt. I just zoomed in to them only. That is not the Stanley lobby.

LOTS of new pics up at Flickr!

Just to make it clear: I dont hate my brother; I dont hold a grudge, resentment or anything against him, nor do I feel the need to forgive him for being a pain when I was a kid; Theres nothing to forgive, Im not mad, we were just kids being kids. We just cant have anything to do with each other right now. Families are like that sometimes. The people youre supposed to LOVE the most - you cant. *shrug* -And hes not a racist anymore. I just thought it was ironic someone who would later have a racist phase would call a 8 year old a racist.

Lita asked me at the reception last night what my perfect wedding song would be. I dont know. Me? Get married? Thats a laugh and a half. I dunno. Maybe "Like the Sun" by RyanDan. My dad keeps telling me how wonderful eloping is. I think, I would be so terrified, I would do just that. Otherwise Id need a trough under my chin and Depends to control the fluids Id loose. I really cant stand being the center of attention. In fact when I preform at the Wired Monk, I dont have good stage presence, Im still not able to make eye contact with anyone. Maybe as I get more relaxed and feel more connected to the songs.

Corteo was awesome. Dad said it was "very good". He liked it. He said, he might not necessarily go to it again (not Corteo but Cirque), because its not TOTALLY his thing, though he did find himself quite entertained and impressed, but he figures if you've seen one show, youve seen them all, the "acts" probably dont vary from one show to the next. Not totally true actually. At Alegria there was a contortionist and a flame juggler, not at Corteo. The horses and little robots were so cute!! But see, I told you he'd like it in one way or another. I still think you gotta be kinda boring to not like it on some aspect, but everyone has their likes and dislikes/tastes, maybe people think IM boring for hating sports. (Id have to care what team won) XD Haha. I dont mind. ;) I actually DO like one sports event. GYMNASTICS!!! The only time to watch that is olympics. I dont root for any country, I just like to watch their skills. Its awesome. I bought the CD and official program book.

This is my favorite act-

257 to go...

Wanna pick one Gywn? I got nothin.

Alright Just b/c Mina messed up DD run ( I had 6 pics in advance) and this was my crowning masterpiece) And so ends Stampede. This one is special for Mina.

Gwyn's D-D!


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