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1:52 a.m. - 2008-07-13

There in the mirror youll see my face

Why does Ryan have those adorable chubby cheeks and that little double chin but hes not a bit chubby or overweight otherwise? It just adds to his adorableness, Im afraid..

...ok just wanted to say, so there is no confusion, that Mina and Liz are not the only 2 in the theater. I couldnt have been bothered to draw a bunch of people behind or beside them, just assume that they are there. There were probably 200+ people there that night. The upper balcony was closed though. ANd its true I didnt know which twin to look at, while Ryan may be the cute one, theyre BOTH gorgeous.

I apologize to no one in particular if my text messaging rant came down a little harsh. It does have its place, particularly if your trying to send messages over long distances, its possibly cheaper to send a text. But I still hate it. And! And! Ive disabled it on my phone! YAY. Email or actual calls now, people!! :D At 15 cents to send and recieve it really adds up.

See, unless you have a plan, text messaging gets expensive. And guess what. It costs 5$ a month for a plan!

Indy and Ian got married today. I suppose I should make her character get married to "Todd" (the cop) in the comic. I would like to marry Nikheil and Kyle too, but I keep telling Nikheil that she should write the proposal and wedding comics, but keeping it short and not TOO many comics. I mean, shes a really witty writer.

Anyway the wedding ROCKED because Ian is white, Indy is East Indian so all the food was indian and so yummy. Spicy- some people found it a bit too hot but I guess I really love spicy food, because I didnt find anything too hot, except maybe one appetizer dip. The only problem was though, we didnt get to eat until 8 and dancing didnt start till 10. I guess thats a good thing because all the you know what people left because the music was too loud. WELL IT WAS A BIT LOUD BUT NOT BAD. I ONLY FELT MY INTERNAL ORGANS RUPTURE ONCE I GOT ON THE DANCE FLOOR. Not a biggie. When I started bleeding from strange places we left. Anyway, the groom wore a tux to the ceremony and a traditional indian garb to the reception. Indy wore traditional Indian garb for both.

OMG, so during the speeches, one of Indy's brothers (she has 3) confessed how her FATHER would send her brothers out to go SPY on her to make sure she was ok and not with the wrong people and I just sighed and said "WOW Im glad I dont have a brother". About 5 seconds later I realised what I had said!

According to Liz, its confirmed, my brother went through a skinhead phase where he actually HATED a particular race of people. THE thing that really makes me MAD is that he used to "accuse" me of hating that same race. WHEN I WAS A LITTLE KID. LIKE 8, 10. And it would get so much that I actually wondered if maybe it was true and I started to almost believe him. Even though I had to friends who were of that particular race. TRUST ME, I never was or am. I hate racism. WHAT does it accomplish? Just makes a person look like a idiot. But yea, he "used to be" a outright white supremacist apparently. WELL. You know. I can remember him buying a copy of the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich when he was a teenager and he wore lace up boots up to his knees..

I hope his tats add meaning to his life. I really hope theyre fulfilling.


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