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3:32 a.m. - 2008-06-02

Oh that. Ya...whatever!

Im such a good person, arent I?

Yea, quite often, when I nerd out on Lita, she will call me a geek. But you know, thats like the pot calling the kettle black!

I wonder what RyanDans opening act will be? I hope it just doesnt suck as much as the One Man Band act that was before Keith Urban when I went and saw him with Charlie. The idiot didnt stop talking!! They should have thought that one out. Have someone who is a rising star before the main act, not some talentless busker they found on the street...he was AWFUL. I swear the original opening act got sick and they LITERALLY pulled a untalented busker off the street. LITERALLY. Carleen Carter was before Charlie Major (he was so great) and PAUL BRANDT was before Clay Walker. It was JUST when he was starting!

Oh man. Did I ever give my mom a hard time today, it was awesome. She wanted to make a comment about how the things certain people say is "verbal diarrhea" but she thought that might be a bit inappropriate, so she said "verbal sewage" instead (spelling it verble suage LOL)...but then she asked "should I say that?" and I said "Mother, good rule of thumb before you go to say anything, is to ask yourself 'will this embarrass my daughter?' and if it sounds like it might, then dont!". Later on, mom was baking ginger and molasses cookies (so gross I only managed to stuff 10 [5 max I swear] of them down before she froze the rest) and she was using cookie cutters to make them into shapes of hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs, as well as ginger man shapes. With a small ball of left over dough, she shaped a round thing, which I mockingly accused her of making a turd. She laughed and insisted it wasnt. Finally, I pointed to the ginger bread man, which is the most weirdest looking figure youll ever see, and said "THATS NO GINGERBREAD MAN. THATS A MENS RESTROOM SIGN. Seriously mom? Whats with this toilet humor? Its sick. Its gotta stop!" She just laughed because Im an idiot.

The gingerbread man really does have a shape more like the bathroom sign. Its proportionate, not having a big head like a typical gingerbread man. Ill photog one and put it up on Flickr tomorrow for ya'll to see. ^^

I beat my dad severely at scrabble.

OH. And we got the Cirque Du Soleil tickets, and dad got the EXPENSIVE seats!!!!! Back row though, of the front section, so its all good. I think row G? So thats like... 8th row.

298 to go...

Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ...

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