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12:02 a.m. - 2008-06-23

Colin's revenge

Its TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!! HOMG!!! SECOND ROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM GUNNA DAI OF EXCITEMENT!!!

So here is a cute little movie trailer for Wall-e. I wanna see this sooo bad!! It looks really cute. :D

So I decided to watch Kate and Leopold last night(that is right now) and while I love this movie and time travel movies, inevitably, there is always something wrong with time travel movies. For example. Kate and Leopold. Leopold is the supposed inventor of the elevator aka the counterweight pulley. When he comes forward in time, suddenly, ALL ELEVATORS "from the Battery to the Bronx" stop working. This is announced on the news. Why is it not announced that all elevators in the WORLD stop working? Yet, that very night that Leo leaps forward, Stuart is flipping through a history book and there on the page it lists Leopold as the inventor of the ELEVATOR. FAIL. What I also find slightly dumb about that idea, is that Kate and Stuart live in a world with computers and palm pilots but nobody besides Leopold in world history after he came forward in time was intelligent enough to invent a counterweight pulley-elevator. Really now.

Oh well. Hugh Jackman is in it and hes pretty and so much a gentleman in this movie. Also I had a really good dream about him once (I KNOW) that I cant get into details about. Ha.

I wish I had grown up in a society where you had to go outside to fart. Nothing is grosser than eating your supper and someone cracks one off. Mind you. I found the rule that you cant have your elbows on the table is annoying, stupid and nonsensical. Totally pointless. Elbows arent feet, whats the problem? Unless you have psoriasis encrusted nasty elbows, leave them where they are. SO THERE.

279 to go...

This is a fan photo. Ive posted pics of them enough times and said who is who, so who do you think is who here? Its fairly easy. ;)

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