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3:40 a.m. - 2008-05-08

Mina is a sore loser

My Grandma is a awesome player, Ive only beat her once. Mind you, I havent played in years, I think I would be able to give her a run for her money now! Muahahahahahahahahah!!

I lol'd SO hard;
more cat pictures


You know my adorable snail pic? Ive submitted it to the Jones Soda Company to be used for a label. Only 1% of all photos submitted are picked, and I had one picked in 2006. (I submitted it in September? it was finally used in December 06) Now Id like to do it again.

Vote for my snail image Here.. If youre a intertube noOb, just click the down arrow where it says "Your vote" and select with the mouse your rating and then click "VOTE!". Thanks...>.>

Uhm interesting article how a Mariah Carey song induced a seizure in a girl...well yea, she does that to me too, but because of the suckery. My brain cannot handle it. The screaching like a cat in heat. Ew. I just know Ive offended someone now.

Back when he WAS hot...

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