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1:40 a.m. - 2009-06-28

But the cat could totally be on David Lettermans "Stupid Pet Tricks"!

I cant stand David Letterman. Mostly because of his gappy smile. Eeeew! I dunno. I watched Leno and O'Brien, but never ever watched Letterman! I dont watch any of those now. Pretty silly to dislike a celeb based on the way they look. Im sure hes nice...:

Also..uh, because there was no update on Thurs/Fri, here is a comic for today! :)

So I was invited out twice but couldnt, the medication for my cronic rhinitis and eustacian tube dysfunction makes me not well. Mmkay?

Im not in shock that Michael Jackson died. Im not terribly saddened either. I think its very sad, but I dont feel, sad...bout MJ. I think he had massive amounts of talent, from his voice to his amazing dance moves, and yet...I was no fan of his. I didnt hate him either. I see the cultural significance of him. Its kinda sad that MJs death is overshadowing Farrah Fawcetts but the GOOD thing probably to come out of it for Farrahs family is that the papparazzi are probably NO WHERE near them. But yeah, Im not..."In shock". If you'd told me someone a lot younger and healthier, a celeb, had died of cardiac arrest, maybe even someone I was a fan of, I might be, but Im not. He was 50. If it was a heart attack that killed him, well, 50 IS that age when people start having to worry about that. If it was from prescription drugs, well. Then, thats definitly not surprising. Sad, but not surprising. Megastars always seem to die kinda young. Or youngish.

Actually it was dad says to me "Guess who died" "Farrah Fawcett" "Well yes, besides that" "Ed McMahon?" "...BESIDES that..." Me thinking: "Oh God please dont let him say William Shatner, please dont let him say William Shatner" "I..dont know?" "Michael Jackson" "NO KIDDING!" "Yeah!" "Huh!"

So yeah I exhibited mild surprise but ya know, Im not in shock. :


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