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1:06 a.m. - 2010-03-08

Didnt you JUST say that?

S and I went for dinner at Serendipity's on Sunday. I found the restaurant on Urbanspoon on my ipod touch while at work. I didnt know Serendipity was real restaurant, I only remember seeing it in the movie Serendipity. We had to separate from the group and stay downtown later then everyone else. Serendipity's food was so good. I had some pasta dish with fresh seafood on it. S tortilla chips with goat feta on it. And then we shared a sundae! Mmmm... Isnt it funny that I remembered what SHE ordered?? The best food we had in the states at all. I hate to say it, but, Americans, your diners and restaurants SUCK. We went to Cracker Barrel and I had some hope that this country rustic restaurant might offer good food [The main dish was ok] but was later horrified by the 3 sides I got, bland corn soaked in butter and hush puppies. HUSH PUPPIES? WHEN I WAS A KID HUSH PUPPIES WERE SHOES NOT DEEP FRIED MASH POTATO LARD BALLS! Who eats this crap? God! Ugh!

I think our evening at Serendipity's was one of the most enjoyable spent together..:)

SO um...Mina will be getting a COMPLETE makeover. She will actually LOOK like me. One minor difference in the face, Mina's nose will not be as wide as mine because on a cartoon, a wide nose gives the look of a baby face, making Mina look 12 and Colin like a pervert. I realise I have a baby face due to my large forehead (Its not a fivehead though) and big button nose, but I do not wish my character to have a baby face. She'll look like me about 95%...

The CHATBOX is open on the bottom left. If nobody uses it I will allow it to run out and will discontinue it in favor of just using the comments. The comments will require a subscription.

My weekend sucked. Missed seeing Alice in Wonderland with friends although it was for a good reason. I just havent done anything with them in a while and am missing them. :( But its probably a good thing I DIDNT go because I had to take my cat to the emergency clinic on Saturday evening. It PROBABLY wasnt an emergency, but I didnt wanna mess around. She had had diarrhea twice and then didnt poop for a day and a half or so so I was getting worried. Then she finally went Saturday afternoon and it was normal but later that evening she was STRAINING on my BED and wiping her BUTT on my bed! UGGGH. (So I had laundry to do as well.) After all this straining she was breathing pretty hard and I would look at her and she'd just cry at me so I got pretty worried and took her in for a check up. Everything came back normal, except she was mildly dehydrated. She cried the whole drive to the vet but didnt say a peep the way back. She was very good at the vets when she had her actual exam, no squawking. We had to leave her there for 45 minutes so they could do xray and blood test, and to my relief everything was ok except mild dehydration. As soon as she got home she ate and pooped again, so obviously it wasnt a 'real' emergency and yet I didnt want to take a risk. What would you do if your cat/dog was straining, breathing hard and cried when you looked at them? You'd do whatever it takes.

But now I owe 400$ on my credit card. Its a good thing I had a low balance to begin with. OH HELL! Im getting paid on Wednesday so I think Ill just pay 300$ right off the bat. Gives me less to worry about. With a 19% interest rate...its not a balance I want often!

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