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1:27 a.m. - 2008-11-19

I think we need to get rid of this one

..too smart for his own good!

For a twist I shall post songs I HATE:

This song SUCKS. People say my precious Blunty sounds like an alien? SHUT IT. Listen to this; its like, what, is he sucking Helium??! Worst. Voice. Ever. Did I mention the lyrics are craptastic? Yes.

I hate this song with every fiber of my being. It is flat, boring, I swear..It does not have a nice tune that gets stuck in your head because its basically comprised of the same 5 notes repeated over and over. While I like that she maintained herself as a good role model throughout her career, her music just puts me to sleep. I hate it. Hate it. Not her. The song. Horrible. HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!1 And honestly, her voice is nice, but its nothing special.

What is this crap. The soundtrack of my summer? Gwah! Stop it!!!

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