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2:25 a.m. - 2008-04-11

Mina is a mother when its convenient!

Definite Simpsons ref. Lita should love this. In that instance, morbidly obese Lisa Simpson was married to Ralphie Wiggum, lying in a hammock, surrounded by 10+ kids who were all poking her with various objects and she said "Ow! Would you kids quit it? Your mama's tryin to watch her stories!"

Am I too selfish to become a parent? NO. Because if I ended up in that situation (SCREAM) I would accept the responsibility. Not throw it away. So there. Doesnt mean Im jumping up and down for the opportunity, Id rather see the world first. (Europe) --Um! NO!!! NO CHEELDREN!!! NOT FOR RENT!!063

Ill leave the quiz up for another week I guess.
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I had to un-jailbreak my ipod. Just basically restore it to original factory settings. The jail break appeared to work, but it didnt seem to work to download apps, PLUS when I went to play music there was NO SOUND and videos gave me an error message. Not something Im willing to live with, clearly. A restore deletes everything off the pod that youve installed, which is not a huge deal. Then it restores the original factory settings. It took NO time at all for me to re-upload all the music, photos and videos. I lost two episodes but thats not a big deal either since I deleted all episodes off my PC in an effort to free up the Cdrive. My Ipod is 8GB and I still have 5GB FREE. FIVE!!! TO think people get pods and phones that can store 10,000 songs. Even if I DO know 10,000 songs, when would I find the time to listen to them all? I get stuck on a play list for weeks at a time, and dont listen to anything else. I have 316 songs, 5 videos, and 388 photos. Heh. All that stuff and still 5GB left!!

All episodes Ive downloaded I burned to DVD for easy play on my computer without taking up space. ^_^

I got your voice mail about the skytrain pass, thanks! I wont need it though, since I still have my bus passes from when I worked at CBV, I have 3 left. Theyre only worth 4.50$ but theyre still valid, according to transit.

Would you prefer Mads's brother, Lars? Nice eyes, but I prefer Mads...heheh

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