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3:11 a.m. - 2006-09-13

WHAT? Theyre married!

And they kiss!

Colin hates it because he finds it too sweet. Of course, there is dark chocolate, which he finds too bitter. Odd. I hate the dark stuff too. And....given the choice between say....Lays potato chips and chocolate, HELLO!!! CHIPS!! What about you, salty or sweet! Leave a comment!

I am really not a big fan of chocolate. I eat it, I enjoy it, I like it, and once in a while I indulge, but its not like Im like "I LOVE CHOCOLATE!" (like "I LOVE BABIES!"). If I had to choose one thing to give up forever; between coffee and chocolate, I would pick chocolate. Of course theres always chocolate flavored coffee. Aha! A LOOPHOLE. Im good at finding LOOPHOLES, arent I, ALICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111 XD

Yea so.......chocolates good n stuff but coffee is my drug of choice! (I actually am big fan of caramels, toffees and butterscotches. Mmmmm.)

Dont mind my conspiracy theory bashing yesterday. I watched that video and got so angry about it...and I never even LOST anyone on 9-11. Some people are starting to say "Get over it, move on" but golly, do you think they'd be saying that if they lost loved ones? Those people have to live with it everyday of their lives. Whos the cruel, insensitive harpie now! In your FACE!

I really do think he's hot!

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