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12:06 a.m. - 2008-07-30


Inspired by Grey (she suggested a Gerard Butler looking baby) and by Danny, who suggested King Leonidas. I used it by using the perfect punchline "THIS IS SPARTA!"

For the record, Ive never seen 300.

OMG!! I found my cousin Jackie on Facebook. You dont understand. Ive never met her or so much as spoken to her in my LIFE. For whatever reason unbeknown to me, my mother was never really in contact with her brother Herb, who lives in Sask. He is at least 11 years older than her. Also on Facebook, her brother Terry, whom I sent a note to. Its so cool to meet them. I asked if there are other relatives on Facebook. Hope so. I really dont know too many relatives on my moms side. My cousin is 9 years older than me. I dont know how much older her brother is.

This commercial makes me laugh..

and this:

Ok so this episode of Trek was on last night and its very early in the series, first season, I believe. First, I laughed at the terrible stop-go animation of the parasites. Then, I laughed at the explosion, which was poorly executed but also slightly hilarious. Then I laughed at the screaming mother parasite. ALl in all, I laughed extremely hard at this. (NOT MIND SAFE, MAY GROSS YOU OUT)

Thats actually pretty gory by Trek standards.

240 to go...

Sorry about the dupe yesterday. Ok no Im not. HAHA

Minas D_D


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