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12:49 a.m. - 2008-08-15

No, this is everyday garden variety crazy

My folks were putting together stuff to take to the dump. In that garbage bag, was a stuffed animal that missed the garage sale and trip to the thrift store (Value Village). I retrieved it. I will take it to the thrift store next time we're in that area. YOU DO NOT THROW OUT STUFFED TOYS. I DONT WANT TO HEAR ABOUT ANY OF YOU CARELESSLY DISCARDING YOUR STUFFED TOYS!! XD


Oh Shaw guys came to fix our intertube. Basically, we had a really weak signal and the hotter it got, the worse it failed. They gave us a new modem and replaced some stuff on the outside of the house and now our interweb works! YAY!!

This makes me laugh on so many levels. Shes trying to sing it in English, even though she doesnt speak English. Shes Bulgarian. Shes singing it based on how it sounds to the ear. Not so easy to do when you dont understand how to pronounce....just watch. XD Oh and the lady in the video is actually a really good sport about her performance/pronunciation fail.

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I gave him my number..

Minas D_D


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