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2:07 a.m. - 2009-06-08

Like a Vulcan :: Revenge FAIL

I am very tempted to shave off the ends of my eyebrows. But I wont. Vulcans are my favorite "species" which is why certain part of the movie made me so....SAD!! :(

As a little kid, I grew up watching The Original Series (TOS), Kirk was always my favorite, I had a crush on him. Hahahehehe...still do. AS KIRK. Im a huge fangirl for William Shatner. I had a dream once that he died, I woke up so upset by it that I ran to the computer to check IMDB to make sure it wasnt real. D: My Shatner AUTOGRAPH (A GIFT! I didnt buy it) is one of my favorite material possessions (in the shallow sense). I dont own TOS on DVD but Id love to. However I did download one episode: The Trouble With Tribbles.

1987 came along and I was 8. Star Trek the Next Generation came out that year and I followed it right until its finale in 1994. Please dont check IMDB to verify those dates, you'll just embarrass yourself. I remember being in love with Data and loving Worf and having a crush on Wesley (most young tweens at that time who WATCHED it, did). I liked Riker till he grew that fugly beard. I remember a season finale with a battle with Klingons where Picard destroyed them and thinking how unbelievably cool it was. I remember almost crying (being devastated anyway) when Picard sacrificed the Enterprise in a episode. I loved that ship...Dont care how many star ships there are, Ill always love the Enterprise, and the FIRST one first. And by first I mean TOS not ENT!

Im not the HARDCORE trekkie who whines about how the new movie messes up with Star Trek cannon. I hate the term "Trekkers" and think its only for elitist snobs who view the cannon as their bible or something. I never learned Klingon, never went to a convention(but I would), never dressed up as a officer(but I would),...Im not THAT hardcore, Id like to think. But I still consider myself a Trekkie and only acknowledge other people as Trekkies ONLY if they liked THE ORIGINAL SERIES. Sorry. But thats where it all came from! Thats like claiming to be a Christian but stating that The Old Testiment has NO relevancy to Christians as it was written for the Jews. C'mon!

Alright, now that Im done telling you what Trek means to me...hehe!

8D Ok so maybe Im a little hardcore...>>;


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