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3:38 a.m. - 2008-05-21

If you like Colin's shirt, which I designed, you can buy it at my cafepress store, where it says "DIMPLES STUFF!"....go ahead. You know you want it. I HATE EMO KIDS!!!!

They think theyre being so "individual" but thats so lame. I always thought that came from within. Such shallow minded thinking, really.

Oh yea. Um, my photobucket account will expire 06/11/2008, and um, I havent exactly been paid by my friend yet (I KNOW and I was told Id get "some" of it by Thurs/or Fri.) and while I am applying for work I still dont have it at this moment (EBAY is my next target) and so yea um...if five people donated 6$ (I say 6 not 5 because PayPal 'steals' a buck from all donations as a 'fee')...its only 25$/year.....I hate begging. Im such a loser.....THERE I SAID IT. T_T

I subscribe to photobucket for higher storage volume, unlimited bandwidth!

Now naturally, if someone was to donate enough to cover the whole thing, Id owe them a gift drawing. I would love to create another gift drawing for someone! :)

I heard that the price of chocolate IS expected to go up. And I had a friend say "I can handle rice going up, but not the chocolate!" -so yea. It aint just me. XD



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