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2:27 a.m. - 2010-03-19

The adventure goes on

OK as much as I like to say "Oh the food in the US SUCKED" welll....yeah thats because we went to DINERS and truck stops most of the time! Besides, Canada has the embarrassment of being the origin of such abominations as Justin Beiber, Nickelback, Avril, Poutine, and Fren--oops.

Im not going to bad mouth Celine though, because even though Im not into her music, shes bloody hilarious. THANK GOD Taylor Swift is American. Um...

I want to finish this story soon. I want to get back to real time in the comic since this stuff occurred back in October. Remember when I fast forward to NOW Liam will be 19m old (hes what, 13 now?), Colin will just be graduating from VPD and Mina? Well. We shall see what happens with Mina! ;) So much amazing, fun stuff happened on the trip its not possible to cover it all.

Also ..I did a research on the non-word 'ob-la-di ob-li-da' and wikipedia does not say what it means. According to McCartney it didnt mean anything however one site also said it means as the song might seem to indicate, 'life goes on'. Whatever. Still sounds stupid. I hate that song. Hated it as long as I can remember.


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