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4:10 a.m. - 2010-07-15


Aeryanna and I were like that when this movie came out ...we drove our parents NUTS! Quoting it all the time in the back seat of the car...

In other news..

NEW WESTMINSTER, BC: Two cats (they were not owned by the same person, but were neighbors) were dipped in paint thinner, one was caught and cleaned off right away, the other cat, the owner couldnt catch right away. The cat, Harley, ended up licking off a lot of it. When they finally caught him, he was rushed to the vet. At first the prognosis was very poor. He had severe chemical burns to his mouth, tongue and throat. He had a collapsed lung, he couldnt breathe on his own, and had what appeared to be a pneumonia. The vet was really not sure he'd make it. He has been sedated to minimize suffering. A week and a half later and Im happy to say that Harley is making great progress. It sounds like hes going to make it after all. He still has some healing to do, but hes going up hill, not downhill. The facebook group "Save Harley's Roar" is updated with his condition and he is doing much better then expected and is very encouraging.

The only problem is...the family cant afford such a huge, unexpected vet bill and are trying to raise the funds. They expect the bill to be around 5000$ (original estimates were 15000$ because the vets figured he might need a tracheotomy, but now he doesnt, because he is breathing on his own)

You can read about Harley's story on their personal site and different methods of donation. You can check out the news articles too, that its quite legit.

I live not far from where this happened so I am sending a 20$ plus all tips I get from work this week (5$/day average) It would mean so much to me (and the family) if you could make a donation. Any amount. 1$. 5$. 10$. 15$. Whatever you can afford, if you can. If not, thanks for looking. :) Theyve gotten donations as far as Australia!


Further info on Harleys condition if youre interested: The vets say his insides look good. (His organs). His stomach lining looks good. He is gaining a little strenght daily. He may not lose the tip of his tongue as first expected.

Here is a update from facebook from the friend of Harley's owner.

Update is that Harley looked good today. When the ladies put him on the floor he loved me up, even rolled over for a quick tummy rub and then jumped back in his kennel. He could puurrr today and had a very little squeek for a meow. I was so happy I started bawling! Update on the bill, it is about 13,000 now. Went ...up quickly and we think we have raised over 6000 so far for Jen and Nate! So I'm not giving up, pls pass on links or the youtube video "Harley's fight for life". More updates to come!

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