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1:47 a.m. - 2009-06-24

Dinner guest

Lee wont let them get away with their trickery!!

Sorry there was no comic until today. Read below to find out why..

Peta is upset with Barack Obama......LOLOLOLOLOLOL

So Coldplay was AWESOME. I got a bunch of pictures at Calgary zoo, the concert, and some video clips too, but I cant share ANY of that with you as my back pack was stolen from the trunk of our car and it was in it. Thank GOD my new Canon rebel XSI was NOT in that or my ipod, because HOUSE insurance (which covers theft of house items from a car) wont be worth it to collect. It would raise our house insurance by 15%. So basically Im totally screwed. I think the thing that makes me the most mad is my Coldplay shirt and camera, and flat iron. Around 700$ worth of stuff was taken.

My Samsung digital camera (130$ was from Airmiles)
1 Gig memory card with Calgary zoo pics & Coldplay pics & clips (10$ priceless) irreplaceable.
Nintendo DS & 2 games (169$ + 50$)
HOUSE KEYS, with mooing COW key chain and MEOWING cat key chain that BFF got me <---replaced (Not the key chains)
COLDPLAY SHIRT (35$) <---replaced
CASUAL SHOES (45$ Payless fairly new still) (These have now been replaced)
1 PAIR JEANS (10$)
IPOD CHARGER (BUT IPOD is with me and 10% battery left) <---replaced
HEADPHONES (20$) <---replaced
Battery charger I bought specifically for NY trip for Samsung camera (29$) <---replaced (Bought a charger without batteries included for 7$)
FLAT IRON CORIOLLIS (250-300$) <---replaced - sort of. Sheryl gave me hers.
Jean jacket - (50$+)

Ive started replacing some of it, and some people helped with a few things but I still have to replace most of it myself. Im so depressed. And angry. Gahh...Miserable. :(

This is for my best friend! :D

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