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12:00 a.m. - 2008-07-09

Mina is just a harmless fan girl. PLEASE.

Liz actually said that to me when I told her that they hoped to meet us! I think she was joking...haha?

Colins comment "Make sure she doesnt do anything you wouldnt" is kind of based off my dads real comment to Liz "Make sure she doesnt embarrass the congregation[when she meets them]" WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? WHAT WOULD I DO? IMPREGNATE THEM? STUPID JOKE, MANG.

After cowboy week is over, we'll feature uh...The guy who plays Chase on House. Hes good looking. For a blond. XD.

I got a call back(message on my answering machine) from my Aunt, we're gunna do something today. I dont know why I didnt hear the phone ring. I dont think its on silent. Dad told me to buy him a soo-va-neer (I dont have firefox so it cant fix my spelling!) but I dont know what to get him. THIS IS a small town! I know there is a museum in Vernon that sells neat soo-va-neers, but I dont know how far that is from here. I suppose I could look it up..

HAHAH YEA ME TOO, CAT. When I was a kid I used to dress our cat up in dolls clothes and then laugh my head off at him. Poor boy. He lived to be 18 and I still did j/k.

more cat pictures

262 to go...

GO AHEAD GWYN, pick something! XD

Alright I am now in charge of DD MWAHAHAHAHA Just b/c it's Stampede I dedicated this week to hot cowboys

Gwyn's D-D!

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