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2:30 a.m. - 2008-06-03

Not again!! more crisis before the bump becomes a lump. UM...Dun worry hes not deyud. OR KIDNAPPED

There was a human interest story on the news today about some people who found a bathtub and this pregnant woman was planning to give birth in it in her back yard. Mom thought that the woman was being stupid...I said "Well, she should probably have it in her house, maybe" and she agreed. So moms not against home birth then. SEE, when I say "THE VIEWS OF THE PARENTS IN THIS COMIC ARE NOT NECESSARILY THE VIEWS OF MY PARENTS" I really mean it. Theyre not supposed to be based on them. (Although I admit, except for the amount of hair, my dad does look Like Mina's.) My mom was NEVER blonde except in the 70s when she wore wigs.

Most parents who CARE about their children are protective of them. Some just dont know when to LET GO -- so yea. Not really based on them at alL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heh.

Well thats my story and Im sticken' to it.

Dad printed the tickets off for Cirque Du Soleil ~ Corteo, and he almost seemed excited. O RLY?

Oh. Question. That expression "Its kind of like the pot calling the kettle black." WHEN have YOU ever seen a black pot AND black kettle? Ive only seen stainless steel ones...

RYANDAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *SQUEAL*

297 to go...


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