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12:04 a.m. - 2008-06-25

Well that wasnt awkward at all!

The comments of the parents in the comic do not nessessarily reflect the comments or opinions of my parents. - I highly doubt my dad would lecture my bf. Id kill him first. SRSLY


Dad actually does make comments SORT OF like that to his male friends, like blowing makes me die of embarrassment.

The concert was incredible...

Ryan and Dan sang these songs in this order; High, The Prayer,Tears of an Angel, The Face, Wind Beneath My Wings, In Us I Believe, Broken Vow, I'll be There, Bring Him Home, You Needed Me, Encore - Like The Sun. They were magnificent, just magnificent. They entertained us inbetween songs with "You are my sunshine" (acapello), they said it was the first song they learned to sing in harmony at the age of four, this was Ryans idea, and they showed us a game they play where Ryan sings one song and Dan sings another completely different song. This was also Ryans idea. Then Dan and the audience started singing "Bum bum bum" while Ryan sang the lyrics of "Stand by Me", acapello. It was so good! I thought they sounded good on the CD but live was just wow. I had no idea the power and the harmony I would experience. They are truly talented. I didnt sing during the concert except during "Ill be there" and "Like the Sun". I mean, the sound in the place is so loud that you cant really hear yourself sing anyway, and I didnt sing at my full power. 3 times I made a connection with Dan, it was pretty amazing. It was during Like the Sun that I felt the longest connection. I was singing, and when he spotted me, he started smiling and I started smiling back....It was so flipping amazing. Best moment during the concert Id safely say. I dont think that very many people were singing besides must have amused him to see someone really enjoying the music. I didnt connect with Ryan at all. Bugger!

And to meet them was so awesome! They are so kind and sweet and very funny. Like very genuine, like they WANTED to meet us. I approached the table and said " are you" (Im amazed I spoke, the hamster on my wheel must have woken up just in time.) they said "Good, how are you?" and we shook hands. SHOOOK HANDS!!! :D Then my friend Liz said "I think that song definitely sounded like a chocolate commercial". Dan insisted during the concert that "In Us I believe" sounds like a chocolate commercial and Ryan disagrees. Dan said "See! Thank you! I told you it sounds like a chocolate commercial!" and looking at me, Dan said "You agree with me dont you?" I said "Yea". Then Ryan looks at me and with those big brown eyes looking up at me and pleading he says "WHAT? You agree? You should take my side!" and I said "....YES. YES. I AGREE. I AM ON YOUR SIDE RYAN" Then I realised I was still holding my CD so I put it on the table in front of them and Ryan went to pull out the insert but I pointed to the blank page behind the CD(I had removed the CD and the plastic backing) and so they signed that, and Dan said "should I make this out to anyone" So I spelled out my name. Then I asked if I could have a picture with them and Ryan said "Of course!" They stood up and I went behind the table and IN BETWEEN them. They put their arms around me and I put my arms around them(OH YES I DID) It was FREAKING AWESOME. THEY SMELLED SO GOOD. *SIGH* They were funny, sweet, gracious, and genuine. .

....way better than meeting you know who! *cough*

277 to go...

I think hes quite cute.

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